2011 valken g6r manual

This gun get excellent air efficiency and runs on super low pressure. Join the field one newsletter to receive updates and deals on our products. This is a description of paintball marker board settings such as firing modes, dwell, debounce, and bolt delay. We are the first and largest airsoft retailer and distributor in the n. The bob long g6r intimidator has a precision fit 2 piece chassis. Valken code paintball gun paintball ruined my life. Simply open the gun up, take your old gearbox out flog it, bin it, use it as a paperweight valken v12 airsoft hpa engine read more. I would love to do gver the details with you and could arrange for a try b4 u buy test session as well. The 2011 azodin kaos pump is dead accurate and will kill the competition. Bob long g6r manual english bob long gen 1 manual english bob long gen 2 manual english bob long gen 2 marq victory english bob long. Comment or answer questions for a chance to win awesome prizes. Featuring both keymod and regular rail systems on the handguard. The mods is constructed from both metal and durable high density polymer hdp parts to maximize durability while cutting as much excess weight as possible. Valken battle machine mod m cc military surplus, inc.

The valken tactical battle machine series has arrived, designed to address and meet the demands of the players looking for a competitive aeg. Valken is doing a great job with their new gun lineup. Fate pants are built of tough polyester material with nylon reinforced knees, stretch crotch. Find the bob long paintball gun manual you are looking for here. Black with your friends and fellow shoppers comment or answer questions for a chance to win awesome prizes. The battle machine modm m4 is a premier entry level aeg that packs power, maneuverability, and tons of tactical features into one lightweight and. Ones that shoot magnificently in one shoot horribly in another. Sw1 accessories include various different looking tactical barrelhand guard combinations, buttstocks and rails. Bob long g6r intimidator paintball marker blackred. The g6r i bought had a violent trigger already in it and i just wasnt ever pleased with the way it felt.

The bob long g6r paintball gun is one of the latest paintball guns released by bob long. Ansgear is the worlds largest online paintball store in the world. Shooting video bob long 2011 texas storm g6r w virtue. Return to main index svm107b july, 2002 ranger 8 9972 thru 10886 for use with machine code numbers.

The 2011 azodin kaos pump paintball gun is one of the hottest pumps on the market for this season. Valken paintball guns deliver great performance and value. We got about 6 and a half pods off of 2100 psi, which means you could probobly get around. Discuss about battle machine m4 modl v2 airsoft aeg rifle by valken color. Valken rolled out their vpc program, are coming out with the valken switch loader and now theyre introducing the code. Our bolts push weight reduction, sound reduction, air efficiency, speed, reduced kick and consistency to new levels.

Since 2002, techt has been leading the way in paintball bolt technology. Upgrade your custom build with the power and reliability of the v12 airsoft hpa engine, with easy dropin installation and convenient programming interface via the trigger led set up and quick change nozzle design you will be able to adapt to any field and mission. No matter if you play woodsball or speedball, theres a valken paintball gun to fit your playing style. Get the bob long tactical g6r if you are into scenario or woodaball. The bob long g6r is the most efficient bob long marker shooting nearly 22 pods off of one full air fill. Safety depends on you lincoln arc welding and cutting equipment is designed and built with safety in mind page 1. Pb mechanix, llc 88 glocker way ste 263 pottstown, pa 19465 phone. Dirty works offers the latest and most innovative paintball products. The trg has been built for close quarters indoor velocities of 330340 feet per second with 0. Shop valken v12 pro grip line for v12 hpa systems features.

The changelist to the valken g6r including ripples above the bolt, no window, a black and vibrant green anodize and a valken logo on the tail end. This pin will fit most other g6r body styles including. Battle machine m4 modl v2 airsoft aeg rifle by valken. Field one force complete manual force quick start guides force setup. Valken s battletested aegs now feature significantly improved internals and externals asked for by the airsoft community. Here we offer the valken vtac sw1 paintball marker for sale at a low price if youre new to scenario paintball, its best to start with basic gear thats easy to use and maintain.

Shooting at 390 fps and very accurate these guns are a great product. This includes any and all regulators and parts shown in the original manual that are serviceable by the markers owner. The only difference between the two is that the 2012 g6r has an oled board, and a cam drive asa. Valken paintball vlite 200 round paintball fast loader 68 cal black. The trg m or l is a great option for anyone looking for the. The 2011 and 2012 g6r models are very similar, and are identical in shot. It automatically detects when the battery is fully charged and stops charging accordingly. If you are looking for other bob long manuals we have most manuals. The price is based on the board being newer, overall condition, and having all original equipment including barrel sock, spare o rings, spare detent, stickers, color manual, battery, allen wrenches, and lube. Valken vmax2 paintball hopper will soon be released. This item is a custom product and is delivered in 6 weeks or less. Valken vtac sw1 paintball marker, sw1 tactical paintball gun. They are a really good looking, simple and cheap intro electric gun.

Your nozzle, barrel grouping, and lower receiver and even upper receiver can affect how well the valken bbs feed and fire. Virtue spire 260 paintball hopper is in stock and shipping. It is made in the united states and is the sixth generation of the intimidator series of bob long markers. Tippmann 98 custom act platinum series paintball gun black t102061. Between the slight extra weight of the metal trigger and the much quicker return of the magnet over the stock spring, my g6r rips now. Start with a basic model tactical paintball gun thats light to carry and has plenty of accessories available for future upgrades. This prevents overcharging and damaging your batteries. This valken charger is perfectly matched with standard 9. Bob long paintball guns have some of the most advanced paintball technology. View and download bob long g6r manual in english on. The bob long g6r is customizable through a range of color. The only difference is the 2012 has an oled board whereas the 2011 has a led board. Battle machine modm and modl configurations come standard with flip up sights and the free floating hdp high density polymer rail system, with a simple cotter pin barrel lock.

Use mask immediately after open individual mask protective bag. Now they are bringing that vision to airsoft with the release of the battle machine series. Aug 03, 2011 fully uppd valken g6r full auto nik velleca. The trg has been built for close quarters indoor velocities of 366 feet per second with 0. G6r intimidator boasts a large lowpressure poppet chamber that allows for unreal efficiency and accuracy. My personal guns consist of g6r, jt impulse, axe pro le, etek 4. V12 pro grip line with your friends and fellow shoppers comment or answer questions for a chance to win awesome prizes. This bolt pin is crafted out of stainless steel and is complete with a field one logo. With a precision fit, 2 piece chassis, this intimidator boasts a large, lowpressure poppet chamber that allows for unreal efficiency and accuracy. The g6r comes with a roller bearing trigger which you can adjust for the feel which is most comfortable with your style of play. Bob long paintball manuals manuals and downloads for bob. This electronic paintball loader utilizes fewer parts than most loaders on the market, creating less weak links to break or fail. Thank you for purchasing the sw1 paintball marker by valken paintball. Choose from a variety of videos showing you how to take advantage of the many features the field one force has to offer.

Over the years the bob long paintball gun has evolved little by little and every time the company released a new paintball gun they improve at least one aspect of its performance if not many more traits of the bob long gun. To simplify maintenance the trigger can be removed from the marker without requiring the removal of the grip frame. Designed as a sound distraction device, the valken thunder v grenade mimics the sound of a flash bang using co2 cartridges and one time use burst shells. Planet eclipse psychoballistics pure energy sheridan smart parts spyder stryker system x tadao tiberius arms tippmann toxic toys valken vanguard vapor works vforce viewloader virtue war machine wgp zap.

High to low most popular title manufacturer newest oldest availability 40 per page 80 per page 160 per page 240 per page 400 per page page of 1. This is not valkens first attempt at a midlevel paintball gun. Valken thunder v grenade valken sports touch of modern. Valken fate paintball pants deliver a durable field wear at an amazing price. Our bolts, the l7, mrt and hush series bolts have been leading the industry without contest. The newest addition to the famed intimidator line, this generation6 intimidator is sure to live up to it\s legacy. The valken vmax paintball loader breaks new ground in hopper design. Paintball manuals paintball markers, loaders, tank, and. Hpa grip line extension for use with all hpa systems made from the highest quality parts in the industry kit includes. The bob long tactical g6r packs a serious punch to all the paintball competition.

If you just want a g6r and want to save some money, you could get a 2011 model. This is one of the most air efficient guns ever made never run out of air again. Bob long g6r paintball marker oring kit 2x or 4x rebuilds. This is the first shooting video of the bob long texas storm 2011 g6r special edition dday. The bottom screw is for trigger post travel and the top screw adjusts the activation point where the marker fires. High to low most popular title manufacturer newest oldest availability 200 per page 400 per page page of 1. Harley davidson sportster 48 service manuals view and download harleydavidson 2005 sportster service manual online. Valken v12 airsoft hpa engine introducing the awesome valken v12 airsoft hpa engine by the american company valken inc. Valken has blended many features most veteran airsoft players look for into a standard m4 carbine rifle with their own unique design and style. Remember to check also post on facebook when commenting to qualify for the giveaways. The valken g6r private label is a new twist on bob longs g6r paintball gun. This battle machine modl is a great gun for field play or indoor. The bob long g6r will utilize the popular stacked tube design. Jun 11, 2012 hey guys, yes we know this was a fail, please hate all you want.

Bmw, mercedes, audi, seat, opel, ford, renault, porsche, peugeot, volkswagen, smart. Ansgear has paintball guns and paintball equipment for everyone. This low profile bolt pin is shorter than the standard g6r bolt pin and has a wider pull to release head. The v12 engines features a quick change nozzle design that allows for different fps adjustments, a program lock out mode that allows the player to cap their. Ive never had a problem with mine and for the price there grreat guns. Here you go, 2011 bob long g6r to feast your eyes on today folks. Get the drop on your opponent as they react to the approximately db bang with this retro. Battle machine modec configuration comes standard with the streamlined hdp high density polymer hand guard. I can provide more pics or a video upon request if you are genuinely interested. The valken v12 engine is one of valken s numerous hpa engines. Valken sw1 paintball gun accessories are a great way to give this marker an upgraded look and performance. After a near 3 year hiatus, bob long has released the allnew g6r intimidator. Valken tactical m4 aeg battle machine modm airsoft rifle. Valken paintball agility loaderhopper protective case black.

I dont understand all the hate directed at them other than for their efficiency. This low profile bolt pin will not fit the g6r tactical body styles. Valken tactical has a history of pioneering some of the most prolific advancements in the paintball game. Digital resources find digital datasheets resources. Bob long parts category pb mechanix ninja paintball. This new paintball gun features minor changes to the body and initial feedback has been largely favorable. Valken rounds are generally considered on the harder scale of airsoft bbs. Valken battle machine aeg modec international spy shop. Valken v12 airsoft engine v2 gearbox crawley surplus store. Huge selection of paintball guns, tanks, masks, loaders, harnesses, barrels and more. The modm is constructed from both metal and durable high density polymer hdp parts to maximize durability while cutting as much excess weight as possible.

Return to main menu svm105b april, 2007 invertec v300pro for use with machines having. Valken have been making a harder push lately, into the midlevel tournament paintball market. Dont let your gear get bring your game downupgrade now with this 2011 no oled board bob long g6r paintball gun. The vmax loader was designed for hard use by all levels of paintball players. Marker is all stock except the pillow bolt which is included with the texas storm edition.

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